Friday, March 9, 2012

Celestron 44104 500x Power Advanced Biological Microscope

!9#Celestron 44104 500x Power Advanced Biological Microscope

Brand : Celestron
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Price : $130.39
Post Date : Mar 09, 2012 21:16:06
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Celestron 500X Advanced Biological Microscope. An intermediate level scope with advanced features, for a "beginner" price! Reveal the magic in everyday objects! The texture of each rock, the fragile wings of an insect, or the veins of a leaf... all magnified in magnificent detail. A whole new intriguing world from the moment you open the box! Dollar-for-dollar, the Celestron 500X is among the best Scopes available. Where cheap-o microscopes of a comparable price typically utilize plastic components and flimsy construction, Celestron's 500X Microscope is precision made with metal components, and includes an Abbe condenser and Iris diaphragm, which beginner scopes rarely include. And it's amazingly powerful, up to 500X to reveal details you never knew existed. For performance and quality on a tight budget, Celestron is at the head of the class! Specifications: 500X max magnification; Precision all-metal body; Fully coated optics for top clarity, contrast and brightness; Microscope head: monocular, adjustable 0-60 degrees; LED illuminator provides bright natural light and runs cooler; Mechanical stage adjusts along both axes, measures 115x125 mm; Coarse and fine adjustment knobs; Condenser lens: Abbe N.A. 1.25; Iris diaphragm; Illumination: 50 mm mirror and LED lighting; Eyepiece 1: 40X, 100X and 400X magnification; Eyepiece 2: 50X, 125X and 500X; Blue filter; Weighs 6 lbs. Order yours today! Celestron 500X Advanced Biological Microscope

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